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The recruitment based on personality and innovation.


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Simplify and speed up the recruitment process : ask for Curriculum Vitaes Seeqle in your job vacancies and to your current candidates..

How it works


1. Create your free Multimedia CV

2. Apply to any job, anywhere

Recruit the best talents without risks

3. Get your dream job !


Only the used features appear, visually optimized, for the recruiter. Personalize & use your CV, according to your needs.


Only you decide to whom giving access to your Multimedia CV, by sharing the private link. Impossible to find it on search engines.


Soft Skills are a major differentiation element for an application. Impress the recruiter by your motivation, talents, skills and abilities.

Multiply by three, your probabilities of getting interviews, thanks to a CV incorporating numerous information


Personality Analysis

Prediction of key behaviors in professional context with ASSESSFIRST technology.


Video Presentation

Online video recording thanks to the virtual prompter or by a simple link importing.

Skills chart

Linguistic and technical skills, with exact indication of the skill level.

Recruit the best talents without risks

Interactive portfolio

Visual or quantitative realizations like blogs, sites, videos, letter of recommendations, diplomas, charts, documents, etc.

Recruiters, do not miss anymore the ideal candidate !


1. Reach suitable

With Targeted Job Ads, we target them with extreme precision, thanks to the socio-demographic and occupational data analysis.

2. Receive relevant

Based on our algorithms and our expertise, we filter and you directly receive the best candidates.

Recruit the best talents without risks

3. Recruit the best talents without risks

With the Multimedia CV, you easily evaluate the profiles and hire the best ones. With one of the highest ROI on market.

Find out without risk, the best candidates

Targeted Job Ads solution allows you to reach any type of candidates according to your needs, including profiles in shortage and with high added value.

Thanks to our technology and our expertise, we are able to target with high precision any profile type already active or seeking opportunities, by the analysis of socio-demographic datas.

These candidates are directly reached on social networks, via their news feed and contacted in their private inbox

With the Multimedia CV , discover the candidate even before meeting him !

A new way to recruit, based on skills and personality, which allows you to easily simplify your recruitment process, by pre-qualifying effectively the best candidates.

Benefit from an expertise and an intelligent sourcing with one of the highest ROI on market.

They trust us, join them !

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