Recruiting the best is not by chance

Find the talent your company needs, easily
and risk free!

Seeqle optimizes your recruitment process, allowing you to target, screen and recruit effectively the best candidates. Benefit from the power of social networks and our predictive algorithms to increase your process productivity by 5! Boom!



Reach the best audience directly on the social networks, thanks to the socio-demographic and occupational data analysis.



Through your career page we receive, filter and send directly the best applications on your dashboard.



Easily evaluate profiles, personalities and motivations with the Multimedia CV. Then hire the best talent.

Reach directly the candidates
on social networks

Trust the big data and algorithms to accurately reach the talent that meet your needs, whether they are actively looking for a job or ready to listen to opportunities. Target criteria such as localisation, education, diploma, work experience or personal interests.


Touch the candidates with ads that are naturally integrated into their newsfeed. The best of inbound recruiting.

Direct Message

Send visual messages offering a job opportunity, directly to their inbox.
The best of outbound recruiting.

Our tools are certified

Career space. Your brand, our tech!

You are looking to attract more candidates but feel that your career space is not up to the page?
With Seeqle it’s simple, we are taking care of everything: Creation. Hosting. Job offers. Applications process. You only have to manage the applications from your dashboard. Simply awesome.

Unleash the Seeqle power
Screen Candidates without the hassle

Give candidates the chance to apply with their Multimedia CV and easily optimize your prescreening process.

Discover your candidates better with the Multimedia CV!

Meet the candidate before starting the interview and save time in your recruitment process. Effectively pre-screen thanks to the video presentation, interactive portfolio and skills chart. Yes, it sounds great, because it is.

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