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Accurate, adapted and transparent 😊

Tarification Programmatique RH Seeqle précise, adaptée et transparente

We'd love to give you a price estimate, but that's up to you!
With Seeqle's Programmatic HR technology, you only pay for the results of your campaign whose performance varies depending onyour industry, location and many other factors!

Donea simulation of the results of your campaignprogrammatic recruitment,  even before launching your campaign. Our simulator  is based on your data, your need and your target, or schedule an exchange with an expert.

The advantages of Seeqle


Multi-channel advertising

Communicate via different social networks, websites and mobile applications, from a single tool

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Large & targeted audience

Greater reach for your HR marketing with accurate targeting based on billions of pieces of data


Passive candidates reached

Reach out to passive and qualified candidates interested in career opportunities 


Lead capture form

Automatically capture the contact information of candidates who click on your ads before they even see your offer.


Mobile compatibility

Reach your audience directly on mobile via the social networks and applications they use every day

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Multi-team collaboration

Create different workspaces and invite as many employees or customers as you wish.


Software compatibility

Use any ATS , CRM or recruitment software on the market to receive applications.



Get statistics on your campaigns and share them with your employees or customers

The best companies and agencies use our solutions to optimize their recruitments

Target and reach up to 100% of the market! 🚀

Our Programmatic HR Marketing solution allows simultaneous and automated dissemination of your job and training opportunities on the entire web, where your target navigates every day.

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