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Programmatic Recruitment: how does it work?

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Programmatic Recruitment - HR Marketing

Programmatic recruitment, also known as HR Programmatics, is one of the hottest topics in the industry: experts predict that by 2026, over 80% of job offers will be programmatic. Find out more about programmatic recruitment with our Zoom on this HR innovation, how it works, its benefits and advantages over traditional methods.

What is programmatic recruitment?

Programmatic recruitment, also known as programmatic HR, automates the targeted delivery of job offers and employer brand messages on online advertising spaces, to qualified candidates thanks to targeting algorithms. Qualified candidates are proactively identified on the basis of their personal and professional data, optimizing the visibility of the company and its offers on various advertising channels on the Internet for an efficient and rapid search for talent.

The aim is to match the right candidate to the right job, in the right place, at the right time. This automation of candidate acquisition and sourcing brings a number of benefits to both the employer and the candidate experience. In particular, it lowers acquisition costs and increases candidate qualification rates.

How does HR Programmatic work?

Programmatic Recruitment

In concrete terms, programmatic HR automates the distribution of job offers and employer branding, training programs or other HR communications. This can be done across all relevant media environments (job boards, websites and mobile applications). Reached audiences of active and passive candidates are precisely matched to desired profiles, based on various targeted criteria such as skills, location, education, position held, etc.

Programmatic recruitment - Steps to a successful campaign
Programmatic HR: The solution for effective recruitment

How programmatic technology works ?

Programmatic advertising in general is an approach to acquiring online advertising space in return for a monetary investment. It is based on Real Time Bidding (RTB). This is an automated process that enables advertisers to buy advertising space in real time, based on specific criteria such as user profile, online behavior and other relevant data.

When your target visits a website or social network, it loads an ad display that is auctioned in real time. The players positioned on the visitor's typology submit their bids, and the one offering the highest bid wins the right to display the ad.

It becomes "HR" programmatic when applied to recruitment and employer brand development.

Broadcast formats

Ad formats are varied, and most often the "Display ads" format is used. It allows classic visual ads to be shown, although other, more recent advertising technologies provide a higher rate of engagement, such as the "Native ads". It allows you to create visual ads that integrate naturally into their display environment. These are the famous ads that don't look like ads, but rather like posts, articles or native content. More textual formats can also be used, particularly for search engine advertising.

Precise targeting, in the right place, at the right time

Thanks to a wealth of HR data and distribution points, programmatic recruitment can effectively target the right candidates, in the right place, at the right time, at every moment of their internet journey. Your ads capture candidates' attention at any time of day, before they can apply when they're in a position to do so.

A typical candidate's journey through a programmatic HR campaign before applying for a job
Programmatic recruitment: the contact points between your ads and candidates

What are the benefits of Programmatic Recruitment?

Programmatic recruitment offers several advantages:

1. Increase the number of qualified applicants

Gone are the days of posting an ad and hoping that the ideal candidate arrives. Your ads will proactively reach thousands of pre-qualified candidates. The logical consequence of this, if targeting is effective, is an increase in the qualification rate of candidates.

2. Reaching passive and active candidates

HR programmatic allows us to capture 100% of the job candidate market, including passive candidates who are not present on job boards, unlike active candidates. By sourcing them from all over the web, it's possible to show a potential candidate an opportunity that's a perfect match for them, without them even looking for a job or knowing the company offering it!

3. Enhancing the Employer Brand and the Candidate Experience

Beyond the acquisition of qualified candidates, HR Programmatics also enhances a company's brand image as an attractive, modern employer. Over 75% of candidates take it into account before applying! So it's vital to put in place the means to optimize it.

4. Lower acquisition and recruitment costs

Continuous optimization of the various targeting algorithms enables us to target the best candidates more and more effectively. As a result, acquisition costs fall, and the number of relevant applications increases. You can then concentrate on value-added tasks such as selecting and interacting with top talent.

5. GDPR compliance

Recruitment of any kind involves the collection and management of personal data. It must therefore comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. This means implementing informed consent procedures via a consent management platform (CMP). This ensures the confidentiality of information collected and processed as part of human resources management.

In short, HR Programmatics can greatly optimize candidate acquisition and talent attraction processes, as well as enhancing the candidate experience.

The match between supply and demand is facilitated and optimized, resulting in a greater quantity of more qualified candidates. All actions are measured to determine performance, select the most effective and refine them if necessary.

This automated, targeted recruitment eliminates the inefficient or unnecessary processes and costs associated with manual sourcing or the management of multiple job sites. It therefore optimizes the quality of applications, as well as the rest of the selection and recruitment process, where the need for human skills is real.

Going further: using technology like Seeqle

Seeqle's AI-powered Programmatic Recruitment technology is simply a distillation of the best HR and Programmatic technologies in a SaaS (cloud) solution:

  1. The largest database of candidate audiences (+1M professional data points)

  2. Automated ad creation and delivery via Native ads technology, making your ads attractive regardless of the display environment.

  3. Access to over 2 million environments to reach your audience anywhere on the Internet and in the world, including social networks, messaging systems, major media newsletters, websites, mobile applications and, of course, job boards.

  4. A suite of HR tools enabling, among other things, AI screening of your candidates, automation of your tasks, or the implementation of an automated HR Chatbot.

  5. Total, transparent centralization of campaign data (interactions, budget, conversions, demographics, etc.) in real time, for all to see and understand.

  6. Unrivalled performance thanks to targeting algorithms and performance-based budget management.

  7. Some of the most advanced support on the market from experts in programmatic and human resources.

  8. RGPD compliance from start to finish.

To find out if programmatic recruiting is ideal for your need, try the free analytics tool that will tell you the size of your target audience and the results you will get from your recruitment campaign 👇


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