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🥇 Award-winning programmatic recruitment technology

Generate 5x more qualified candidates

Step into the new era of recruitment and acquisition with AI and the most advanced suite of HR products on the market.

La Programmatique RH seeqle attirer 5 fois plus de candidats qualifiés

Automate Your HR Marketing Effortlessly

Pinpoint & Engage Ideal Candidates Seamlessly

AI-Driven Programmatic HR Edge

Attract the best candidates automatically with AI

Seeqle Attract is our award-winning Programmatic HR solution. 

It enables you to target relevant talent with ads promoting your vacancies, training and brand.

+400% increase in the quality of candidates

+45% brand awareness

-50% off acquisition cost

Seeqle Attract - programmatic HR to automatically attract the best candidates

Candidate analysis by AI


Seeqle Apply Candidate analysis by AI

Reveal and engage top talent at the click of a button 

Seeqle Reveal is our AI candidate analysis solution. Our AI detects the best profiles by revealing their visible and hidden skills, while developing your employer brand with personalized response emails.

  • +76% time saved analyzing CVs

  • -47% drop-out rate for on-page applications

  • 2x less time to apply

AI Chatbot


Convert more candidates by answering their questions 24/7

Discover Seeqle Convert, our AI-powered chatbot

It provides the best possible experience for candidates by instantly answering their questions with friendly AI and an easy-to-use chatbot. It removes the barriers that prevent a candidate from applying for an opportunity.

100% tailored to your brand image

-87% fewer unnecessary conversations

+9 languages available

Seeqle Convert - Chatbot by AI

Why our customers 💙 our technology Programmatic 


Rate of qualified applicants
against 10% on average


Time saving
Management of job offers, sourcing and processing of CVs


Reduced cost per candidate
by our targeting AI


Brand Awareness
Employer or School with the right candidate target

Laura Pannier LCL

Laura Pannier
Employer Brand Project Manager • LCL

 We have had very good results for our population of sales representatives in Île-de-France. It is a completely transverse to our employment partners. The Seeqle tool is technical and adapted to the digital HR market, it continues its development in close collaboration with its customers.

Target and reach up to 100% of the market! 🚀

Automate and Amplify Your Talent Acquisition Now

Discover Seeqle in

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