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For Agencies| Programmatic HR

Get the best results for your customers

Leverage the power of our AI Programmatic HR technology to drive better results for your clients and boost their employer brand.

Seeqle pour les Agences

Why do agencies choose Seeqle?

Raison 1 du choix de Seeqle par les Agences

Attract more customers.

Use Seeqle and its technology to stand out. Agencies integrating our solutions into their presentation win 38% more contracts on average.

Raison 2 du choix de Seeqle par les Agences

Boost campaign results.

Seeqle's solutions allow you toMaximize your customer acquisition results by up to +400%, while strengthening their brand image at the same time.

Raison 3 du choix de Seeqle par les Agences

Don't lose any customers.

By optimizing the results, focus on the essentials. Your customers are then 56% less likely to leave you. Create a lasting and profitable relationship for you and for them.

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Open up internationally.

With Seeqle's programmatic HR technology, easily broadcast internationally to satisfy your customers' global hiring needs.

Agencies that already trust us to optimize HR communications and customer acquisitions

Because only 20% of candidates are actively searching, Seeqle offers you the best programmatic candidate acquisition solution that ensures your clients' communications get exceptional visibility on the web.

Choose the power of Programmatic HR

La puissance du recrutement programmatique RH pour toucher 100% des candidats
Collaboration entre les agences et la programmatique RH de Seeqle

Benefit from dedicated spaces for your customers

Create different workspaces, by team or by client.


Invite your collaborators with different rights to work as a team on your campaigns and reporting analysis.

A dedicated team for the success of your customers

In addition to a help center accessible 24/7, our team supports you at the same time as artificial intelligence to analyze your results and optimize them continuously.


Thanks to our expertise, you gain in efficiency, maximize the quality and performance of your clients' campaigns to achieve their objectives.

Profitez d'une équipe dédiée à votre réussite


  We have observed an evolution over time thanks to the optimization of campaigns, today the profiles we receive are very qualified from the start. In addition, the Seeqle team is very responsive in understanding the specific issues of our customers and thus offering a truly suitable product.

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Brune de Rigaud
Employer Brand Consultant • TBWA Corporate

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