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Pr's leading technologyTargeted and automated HR and Candidate Acquisition programmatic

Programmatic Recruitment, HR Marketing and Education 

The solution candidate targeting from Seeqle allows you to automatically obtain qualified candidates or students, directly in your recruitment process. 

Thanks to the data and algorithms of our technology, we know where and when to target your audience based on their socio-demographic, contextual and behavioral data, to broadcastyour job offers, your training and your employer brand on millions of relevant web environments.

How it works

Première étape pour une campagne de recrutement programmatique réussie: Ciblez précisément votre audience

Your brand and your objectives analyzed

Your Seeqle experts look at your needs to develop an advertising strategy based on our data and that will meet your objectives.

Deuxième étape pour une campagne programmatique RH réussie: Proposer vos offres à la bonne cible au bon endroit et au bon moment

Your opportunities with the right candidate and in the right place

Our programmatic technology exploits and optimizes the distribution of your opportunities, to the most qualified candidates, where they surf the Internet every day.

Troisième étape: recevez des candidats qualifiés grâce à la programmatique RH

You receive the best candidates directly

Candidates flow directly into your existing process. Our technology establishes a loop with your system so that your performance is constantly optimized.

The #1 HR programmatic AI 

Base de données pour programmatique RH Seeqle

The largest HR database

Select your target audience from the most comprehensive HR database on the market:

Over 30,000 targeting data points collected and profiled on +250 business audiences. 

Hospitality - Catering • Consulting - Auditing • Sales - Business • Logistics • Distribution • Health • Public works - Construction • Real estate • Production - Technician • Banking - Insurance • Education

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Ultra-precise candidate targeting

Independently or accompanied, you have access to an interface that allows you to interact in the process of creating your campaigns.

You cchoose yourcandidate targetamong hundreds of audiences includingmillions of data :

Personal interests • Location • Sector • Degree • Education • Position • Language

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Audience et Ciblage programmatique RH Seeqle

Your brand highlighted

Through technology native ads, your ads fit naturally into display media to catch the eye of your target audience and enhance your brand.

Your advertisements are automatically resized and adapted to the different formats of each media such as sponsored content, stories, search results, banners, or advertising inserts.

You don't have content? Call on ourStudio.

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Automatic budget distribution

Set your budget according to your need, Seeqle can work with almost any budget.


Indicate the amount you wish to spend and our AI gives you a simulation of the results.

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Budget automatiquement ajusté par IA
Canaux de diffusion Programmatique RH

Intelligent Multi-Channel advertising

Your advertisements are displayed on more than 2 million web and mobile environments, where your target candidate audience navigates every day:

Social networks • Inbox • Newsletters • Websites • Apps • Job portals • Search engines • Connected TV

Each click on your ad redirects to the landing page of your choice.

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ATS Integration

Seeqle technology is compatible with all ATS, CRM or CMS (WorkDay, Taleez, Talentsoft, Flatchr, etc.) from the market and if you need it, our ATS solution includes the essential functionalities for good candidate management:

  • Sponsorship of job postings

  • Optimized career page 

  • Application management

  • Statistics

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Seeqle est compatible avec tous les ATS, CRM et CMS (Flatchr, welcome to the jungle, Smartrecruiters, talentsoft, taleez, bambooHR, Taleo, SAP, Beetween, Teamtailor, workable, breezy, Workday, etc.)
Dashboard transparent et précis pour montrer les résultats des campagnes de programmatique RH

Detailed and readable data

Thanks to the centralization of channels in a single tool, you have access to all your audience and campaign data via your dashboard in order to easily analyze all your actions. : 


  • Budget - Calendar

  • Scope - Impressions

  • Clicks - Click through rate

  • Conversions - Conversion rate

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The advantages of Seeqle

Diffusion multicanal

Multi-channel distribution

Simultaneous visibility on different social networks, websites,  mobile applications and search engines

Audience ciblée en volume

Targeted audience in volume

A better ratio of qualified candidates  thanks to  the power of socio-demographic targeting 

Candidats passifs atteints

Passive candidates reached

Reach out to qualified candidates who are already employed but looking for career opportunities

Formulaire de capture lead

Lead capture form

Easily capture the contact informations of leads who click on your ads

Compatibilité mobile

Mobile compatibility

Reach your audience directly on mobile via the social networks and apps they use every day

Collaboration multi-équipe

Multi-team collaboration

Create different workspaces and invite as many collaborators or clients as you wish

Compatibilité logicielle

Software compatibility

Use any ATS, CRM, form or landing page to receive leads

Rapports précis

Accurate reporting

Get statistics on your campaigns and share them with your collaborators or customers

Target and reach up to 100% of the market! 🚀

Our complete talent acquisition solution allows simultaneous and automated distribution of your job and training opportunities on the entire web, where your target navigates every day.

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