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Seeqle La Technologie leader d'acquisition Candidats

📋 Job interview question generator

Ensure well-prepared interviews with our interview question generator. 

What questions to ask in a job interview as a recruiter

Get a free list of the best questions hiring managers use to uncover hard-to-assess skills 

  • Flexibility

  • Divercultural site

  • Collaborationion

  • Leadership

  • Willingness to progress

  • Time Management 

  • Communication 

  • Problem solving

Get your interview questions 👇

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The best companies and agencies use our solutions to optimize their recruitments

About Seeqle

Seeqle is the 1st HR Programmatic solution automated by AI : We allow companies, training organizations, staffing platforms and agencies to effectively reach their candidate sourcing and visibility needs in an innovative way:  


👉 Detection of the right candidates - active and passive - across the web based on the largest HR targeting database (socio-demographic, behavioral and contextual criteria).


👉  Dissemination of opportunities in the form of attractive advertisements, in the right place and at the right time on the entire web, where your target navigates every day among millions of websites, mobile applications and social networks.


👉  Generation of interest, reception of relevant candidates directly in your tool, whatever your enrollment process.


From today get personalized audience analysis to know the cost and the result of your future HR marketing campaign, even before launching it. Or  schedule a demo.

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