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Our recruitment solutions

Sourcing, acquisition, channels, job boards, etc.

Sourcing and candidate acquisition on a whole new level 

Seeqle analyzes socio-demographic data from the web to allow you, from a single interface, to target the candidates who interest you via criteria such as diploma, experience, employer, position, location or interests. and reach them with your opportunities and your employer brand wherever they are on the internet.

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Sourcing et Acquisition candidat performant grâce au Recrutement programmatique RH
Touchez votre cible sur tous les canaux de diffusions pertinents grâce à la technologie de ciblage et le recrutement programmatique RH de Seeqle

Channels for active and passive candidates

Your opportunities are visible on sites such as Google, Facebook, Le Monde, Instagram, L'Équipe, Spotify, LinkedIn, Allociné, YouTube, Marie-Claire, 20 Minutes and thousands of others where your targetpassive and active candidatesnavigates every day.

You fill your pool faster, with a greater number of qualified candidates and considerably lighten your recruitment process with an unparalleled ROI! 

You capture the contact details of thousands of candidates thanks to auto-complete forms  or au conversational recruiting, then redirect them to your site, your events, your application forms or your social networks.

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Are you a job board, a jobbing platform or a freelancer?

Leverage our HR programmatic technology to acquire more candidate traffic on your platform and earn more revenue from your clients.  Set conversion goals, ad rules, and measure performance of all your recruitment campaigns with ease.  

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Le Recrutement programmatique est aussi pour les jobboards, plateformes de jobbing ou les freelances

More than 150 companies use our solutions to optimize their recruitments

Only 20% of candidates are actively looking for a job. Target and reach up to 100% of the market! 🚀

Our complete talent acquisition solution allows simultaneous and automated distribution of your job opportunities on the entire web, where your target navigates every day.

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