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Convert | AI-powered HR chatbot


Optimize the candidate experience with your own ChatGPT

Allow your candidates to get answers about your organization, your job or training offers by adding our conversational AI available 24 hours a day on your site

Seeqle Convret : Chatbot RH automatisé par IA

Why use our HR Chatbot?

Seeqle Chatbot collects and analyzes your data to answer all your questions.  It accompanies candidates throughout your acquisition process as a true interlocutor, directing them according to their profiles to your most relevant job offers or training courses.

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Highlight the right opportunities

Our AI is able to provide candidates with opportunities directly, based on their profile and their requests. It thus limits the number of interactions necessary for the candidate to apply, and streamlines the process.

Boost your employer brand

Differentiate yourself from the competition thanks to its technological advance. It allows you to generate more quality engagement and position yourself as a company at the forefront of innovation.

Get an interactive FAQ

Our chatbot is capable of communicating different types of information such as recruitment stages, company benefits..., in the same way that ChatGPT answers all your questions.

Gamifying the candidate experience

Fun and interactive elements stimulate candidate engagement and motivation, which can lead to better talent retention.

Test a simplified version of Chatbot now! 👇 

The benefits of our AI-powered HR chatbot 

Hausse des conversions grâce au chatbot de recrutement

More conversions

Direct candidates to the right opportunities, with an easy process.

Augmentation du pipeline de conversion grâce au chatbot de recrutement

Increased 24/7 pipeline

Keep the conversation going even outside of standard business hours.

Chatbot RH adaptable et personnalisable

Adaptable and customizable

The chatbot corresponds to you 100%, both visually and in terms of its content.

Chatbot de recrutement disponible dans toutes les langues

Available in multilingual

The chatbot converses in several languages and adapts to its interlocutor.

No installation

Respecting your values

Available 24/7

Always be available for your candidates

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