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Our HR Marketing solutions for Education and Training

HR programmatic for School and Training Organization visibility

The Seeqle HR Programmatic solution allows schools and training organizations to promote their program and establishment brand in a targeted manner through automation:

Detection of relevant students

  • Detection of relevant students across the web based on the largest HR targeting database (socio-demographic, behavioral and contextual criteria).

Dissemination of communications

  • Dissemination of communications in the form of attractive advertisements, in the right place and at the right time on the entire web, where your target navigates every day among millions of websites, mobile applications and social networks.

Technologie de programmatique RH pour l'acquisition de candidats pour les organismes de formation ou écoles

Benefits of HR programmatic

Programmatic HR Marketing satisfies your needs:

Boost your notoriety

Le marketing RH programmatique satisfait les besoins des organismes de formation et des écoles
  • The notoriety of your establishment is put forward and valued viavisual and attractive adstouting the benefits of joining your school or training, all over the web.

Broadcast effectively

  • Your school or training communications will reach thousands of targeted students,in the right place and at the right time, increasing student enrollment and qualification rate

Reach all students

  • You pick up100% of the student market, including those in passive search, i.e. who do not proactively seek to enroll in a course, training or event

Reduce your costs

  • Targeting algorithms doing the sourcing work for you, you reduceacquisition costs and selection costswhile optimizing the quality of your student recruitments.

The best Schools and Training Organizations use our solutions to optimize their  awareness and candidate acquisition

  We clearly observe the positive influence of the Seeqle solution on the online visibility of our organization as well as on the performance of our training sales to the right target.

Programmatique RH Dalloz

Aude Giudicelli 
Marketing Manager  • Dalloz Formation

Boost the visibility of your establishment! 🚀

Our complete talent acquisition solution allows simultaneous and automated distribution of your training opportunities on the entire web, where your target navigates every day.

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