Automate your sourcing and talent acquisition 

Only 20% of job applicants are actively seeking employment. Seeqle - and its automated programmatic recruitment solution - allows you to reach passive candidates as well and thus reach 100% of the job market.


Seeqle analyses the socio-demographic data of the web to allow you, from a single interface, to target the candidates you need via criteria such as diploma, experience, employer, position, location or personal interests and to reach them with your job offers wherever they are on the internet.

Your job offers are therefore visible on websites such as Google, Facebook, IMDb, Instagram, Yahoo, Spotify, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tinder and thousands of others where your target of passive and active candidates navigates every day.

Applications are sent directly to your ATS or by email to your inbox.

You fill your talent pool faster, with more qualified candidates and significantly reduce your recruitment process with an unmatched ROI ! 

Ready to source faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost?


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No. 1 tool for candidate acquisition and automated sourcing via targeted advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Indeed, Snapchat, Youtube, Messenger, Gmail, Neuvoo and thousands of relevant websites and mobile applications. Take advantage of the immense power of programmatic recruitment and big data to promote your employer brand and job offers directly in front of the right active and passive candidates, where they spend time every day.

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Automated Programmatic Recruitment

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