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AeroEmploiTraining is the job board of the GIFAS (Grouping of French Aeronautical and Space Industries).It supports the development of employment and aeronautical training in France.

Valorus  is a communication agency specializing in employer branding, internal, commercial & corporate communication, which supports GIFAS.

How to increase your flow of qualified candidates?

To respond to this problem of qualification of applications received for the profiles sought in aeronautics, the communication agency Valorus and the Seeqle solution have enabled GIFAS to obtain a strong increase in the number of qualified applications on their AeroEmploiFormation job board.


Thanks to the performance of targeting and its advanced use of Native Ads advertising technology, the Seeqle solution has generated more than 6,000 applications. It also significantly increased the level of qualification during the campaign, on the Aeroemploiformation website. 


Discover in this client case the strategy put in place to considerably increase qualified applications forAeroEmploiTrainingas well as the collaboration between the Valorus agency and the Seeqle teams.

Recruter dans l'aéronautique - GIFAS

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The best companies and agencies use our solutions to optimize their recruitments


Seeqle is the1st solution ofHR Marketing and Programmatic Recruitment.  We enable companies, training organizations, staffing platforms and agencies to effectively meet their candidate sourcing and visibility needs in an innovative way: 


👉 Detection of the right candidates - active and passive - across the web based on the largest HR targeting database (socio-demographic, behavioral and contextual criteria).


👉  Dissemination of opportunities in the form of attractive advertisements, in the right place and at the right time on the entire web, where your target is browsing every day among millions of websites, mobile applications and networks social.


👉  Generation of interest, reception of relevant candidates directly in your tool, whatever your enrollment process.


Starting today,  get an HR programmatic simulation  to know the cost and the result of your future HR marketing campaign, even before launching it. Or schedule a demo.

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