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Conversational Recruitment

Convert candidates on your site who are interested in your job and training offers faster, thanks to a conversational recruitment chatbot that offers the best possible candidate experience.

Integrated into your existing systems, it allows exincreased candidate experience and a conversion raten optimized.

Our guidance chatbot accompanies candidates on your landing page and directs them to your most relevant job or training offers according to their profiles. You increase conversion rates as well as the efficiency of your acquisition budget.

Seeqle's Conversion Chatbot asks questions of candidates who are interested in your opportunities to learn more about their needs, offer them personalized recommendations and direct them to the right offer based on their answers.

The Chatbot works perfectly on all platforms, including mobile where an optimized experience is essential, and is regularly updated to keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

Try the recruitment chatbot 🤗

The Benefits of Conversational Recruiting 

A smooth and efficient application process

Convertir plus de candidat

Convert more candidates

Direct candidates to the right opportunities with friendly conversations and an easy application process.

Automatiser les tâches fastidieuses

Automate tedious tasks

Allow your teams to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on candidate selection.

Augmenter le pipeline 24/7

Increase 24/7 pipeline

Keep the conversation going with active and passive prospects, even outside of standard business hours.

Convert up to 100% of traffic to your site, especially if it has been pre-targeted via programmatic advertising! 🚀

Our complete automated candidate acquisition solution distributes your job and training offers on the entire web, where your target browses every day. You attract them to your pages with our HR programmatic and then easily convert them with our Conversational chatbot.

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