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Engage | Candidate analysis by AI


Capture, detect and engage talent with a single click

Instantly capture candidates' contact details, then let AI automatically evaluate their profiles.

Seeqle Engage

Why use Seeqle Engage to capture, analyze and engage your candidates?

If you don't have an ATS or consider it outdated, you can use Seeqle Engage. By proposing an optimized and rapid application tunnel, then automating your follow-ups, you enrich your talent pool. Automated AI profile screening then enables you to detect the best talent, even those with hidden skills.

Première étape pour une campagne de recrutement programmatique réussie

Generate optimized forms for your offers

Turn your job offers into forms that reflect your image. Based on the candidate's skills, he or she is directed to the job offers that are right for them.

Deuxième étape pour une campagne programmatique RH réussie

Capture pre-qualified profiles  

The candidate experience is optimized, and offers seamless pre-qualification thanks to native integration with broadcast platforms.

Troisième étape pour une campagne programmatique RH réussie

CV screening to facilitate evaluation

Resumes are analyzed by our AI to extract data, detect hidden talent and then send them where you want them (ATS, HRIS, CRM, etc.).

Avantage 4.png

Contact and follow-up with your candidates

Automatically contact and relaunch your candidates within Seeqle to make it easier to manage your applications in advance of your ATS.

Automatically qualify your candidates and predict their hidden talents

2 out of 3 candidates don't describe all their skills. Our AI automates screening and automatically presents you with the candidate's story, and detects the hidden hard and soft skills that make the difference to your offer.

Look beyond explicit keywords, read between the lines and make sense of weak signals, so you don't miss out on the talent available on the market.

Seeqle Engage Analyse candidat par IA.png
Seeqle Engage expérience intuitive et optimisée pour mobile

Treat your candidates like you would your customers

The application process is simplified thanks to our seamless integration with broadcast platforms. Eliminate the need for candidates to create an account, and offer a mobile-first process. Your job offers are readable and engaging to capture candidates ultra-fast.

The result: 47% fewer abandonments and an application that's twice as fast for the candidate!

A personalized answer for all your candidates in the event of rejection

In the event of rejection, our screening AI generates a specific response, containing relevant advice to help the candidate improve future applications.


Your employer brand is optimized through a positive candidate experience, and you retain your pool of candidates for the future thanks to an ultra-personalized approach, automatically.

Seeqle Engage custom answers
Seeqle Intégrations

Integrate your ATS and automate your tasks

Create connections between Engage and over 6,000 tools to automate your tasks in seconds, without code.

Simplify your application management and eliminate tedious tasks and manual data entry, so you can concentrate on exploring qualified profiles and contacting candidates.

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The benefits of Seeqle Engage

Avantage de Seeqle Engage : l'Optimisation du temps pour vous et vos candidats

Time optimization for you and your candidates

Reduce the size of your application forms while increasing the quality of your data. 

Avantage de Seeqle Engage : Reconnaissance quasi parfaite

Summary of your applications

Our AI provides you with a detailed summary of each CV to help you evaluate candidates.

Avantage de Seeqle Engage : la Compatibilité avec tous les formats

Compatible with all document formats

Resume support and information extraction in all formats: PDF, DOCX, PNG, JPEG and more.

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Our complete automated candidate acquisition solution distributes your job and training offers on the entire web, where your target browses every day. You attract them to your pages with our HR programmatic and then easily convert them with our Conversational chatbot.

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